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Choosing the appropriate security system for your home or property should be your top priority. In business for over 39 years, Kawartha Locksmith can help you find the right security system to ensure that you, your family and valuables are safe. It is crucial to check your doors and locks frequently to make sure that each one of them works properly and has not been damaged or broken. A compromised or weak security system can make it easier for potential intruders to break in. Learn more about the necessary steps to be taken to secure your home.

Assess Doors


It is important to inspect your doors to make sure they are strong. Hollow doors have to be replaced with solid-core or metal-clad doors as a safety measure. To make it hard for thieves to break in through sliding glass doors, install a wood dowel that’s cut to size or an adjustable safety bar. It is also crucial to ensure that you lock your garage and inner doors at all times.

Weak Locks


Rusted, loose, misaligned and jammed door locks should be replaced immediately. As locks are considered the weakest point on a door, pick the kind that cannot be broken or tampered with easily. Deadbolts made of solid metal are an ideal choice for external doors. Don’t compromise on your security.



When you purchase a lock, it will come with a strike plate that gets attached to the door jamb. However, many of these have short screws that catch only the jamb but not the framing of the house. Replace a stock strike plate with 3-inch screws and a box strike to increase your chances of resisting a physical break-in.

House Lock


While there are numerous options in the market, choosing a lock is an important and confusing task. While smart or keypad-operated locks are appealing and convenient, these high-tech locks are not the best option to guard you from physical break-ins or hackers. 

Learn more about choosing your locks below.

  • Learn lock lingo
    In order to pick a lock, you need to understand the different parts present in a lock and their purpose. For example, a Grade 1 lock is the most difficult to disable. Since packages don’t always display that information, you might have to check company websites to find out how a lock is rated.

  • Decide your budget
    High-security locks and smart locks can be quite expensive. You need to consider the fact that the deductible on your homeowners insurance is likely to be higher than the cost of the lock when you have a break-in. You’re likely to receive discounts on insurance policies for homes with deadbolts.

  • Determine if you want a smart lock
    Despite being expensive, smart locks are very helpful if you forget to lock your door or need to let contractors or cleaners in when you’re not home. A phone app allows you to change codes as well as lock and unlock doors remotely. However, you’ll have to buy a WiFi router to use a smart lock.
    If you don’t want to invest in a smart lock, consider getting an electronic lock which offers keypad access as well as the ability to program and distribute PIN codes to various guests.

  • Reinforce your door frame and lock
    Reinforce your doors with box strikes and 3-inch screws. Hinges should also be secured with 3-inch screws. Refrain from getting a double-sided lock since you’ll need a key to unlock the door from inside, which can trap you during a fire hazard. However, it can be installed on a door adjacent to glass sidelights as a burglar will be unable to break the glass and reach in to unlock the thumb-turn.
    If you’re unsure about what type of locking system you should choose, give us a call. We’ll help you install the right one for your needs.




We’ll help you choose a strong and reliable security system.

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